Detective Agency In Pune


Did you know that as per the latest crime data, Bangalore is the 3rd most unsafe metro city in the country? Bangalore comes only after Delhi and Mumbai. The NRCB (National Crime Records Bureau) ranks 4th in robberies, 3rd in murders, dowry, kidnapping, rioting, and dowry deaths, 2nd in thefts, and 1st in dowry cases and atrocities.

With such staggering details, it can be only said that you have to protect yourself and properly know the people that you are hanging out with. If you have any doubts regarding your colleague, next-door neighbor, or tenant, you can reach out to Analytical Agencies. We are the best detective agency in Pune and specialize in carrying out thorough background checks. Our services are provided discreetly, which means that the subject will never come to know that he/she has been put under surveillance or spied on. We have advanced tech equipment that allows us to capture images and videos from a distance. Furthermore, we maintain a wide network of trusted people who help us in gathering phone records and other details.

Our background checks are useful for finding out about your potential husband/wife and in-laws. You can save yourself from being one of the victims of dowry and dowry deaths by availing of our detective services in Pune. We will gather all the details and information necessary so that you can enter into holy matrimony knowing that you are safe. Moreover, if you have doubts have your partner is cheating on you and having an extra-marital affair, which is also common in Bangalore, we can help you with that. Our team will gather all the evidence that you need to file for divorce or break-up with your partner.

So, if you even have an ounce of doubt about your spouse, colleague, room-mate, or any of your acquaintances in Bangalore, talk to our private investigator in Pune. We will understand your problem and provide you with a personalized solution. You have to give us a few days to gather everything in detail.