The world has truly become our oyster thanks to quick access to the Internet, cheap flights, and reasonably priced hotel rooms. The options are just so many that couples sometimes get derailed and distracted from the life that they wanted to build together.

There are some people who are able to control their emotions and refuse to give in to temptations. But, there are people who enjoy tornado romance along with keeping their partner in the dark. Sometimes, such extramarital romances end in a passion for crime, all these problems we face every day.

No, we are not trying to scare you. We just want you to be aware of what is happening around you. If you feel that your spouse is hiding something or is acting strange, then something may go wrong. We can help you investigate extramarital affair in Pune. All you need to do is give us your partner details, such as:

# His or her name

# Daily routine

# Office address

# Phone number

# Favorite restaurant or club that he or she likes to haunt with friends

# Picture of your spouse

# Any other details that you think we should know, even if the detail is extremely minute

In our years of experience as a private investigative agency in Pune, we come to know certain indications that your partner may be concerned and it is worth investigating the possibility. Here are some hints you need to keep your eyes open:

# He or she is showering you with a lot of gifts to make up for canceled plans or for returning home late on a regular basis

# Wearing too much perfume or taking too long to get ready

# Diligently started hitting the gym and talks about physical appearance more than usual

# Talks on the phone or texts incessantly and hides the phone when you are around

If you see any of these signs, protect yourself and call our detective in pune.

Over the last 5 years, detective agencies have studied that cybercrimes reported an annual increase of 50%. So, despite your best efforts, the chances of being a victim of cybercrime are quite high. Due to the increasingly digital lives that people are living in today, the bad guys are always finding new ways to make use of online technologies to harass, steal, and commit a myriad of crimes. At Analytical Agencies, we believe that the first step to preventing a crime from happening is gaining knowledge about the different forms of cybercrimes that include:

  • Online identity theft
  • Stalking
  • Financial fraud
  • Hacking
  • Bullying
  • Information piracy and forgery
  • Email spoofing
  • Intellectual property crime and so on

Cybercrimes can wreak havoc in the lives of victims through major annoyance and inconvenience. It can lead to financial losses, as well as, threaten an individual’s personal safety and reputation. If you ever feel threatened or think that you are a victim of cybercrime, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a Pune-based private detective agency and offer result-based, confidential cybercrime investigation services. Our team consists of private investigators with years of field experience, as well as, impeccable knowledge about how the Internet works

Here are some immediate steps, compiled by our team, which you must take when you feel like a victim of cybercrime:

  • Confess about what is going on to a trusted adult and do not try to handle things on your own because we have seen time and again how that goes downhill
  • Save any related texts, emails, or messages related to the incident
  • Block the individual on social networks and emails
  • Keep a record of the incidents
  • Do not escalate the situation and immediately report the matter to us

Cybercrimes can happen to anyone and at any time because lives have become intertwined with digital technologies. However, as one of the leading detective agencies in Pune, we can help you overcome such hurdles and stay safe. 

It can take a toll on physically, mentally, and emotionally. When divorce is not mutual or there is a child involved, the situation can get murky. Your partner might also hide assets from you or may have had a secret affair for years that needs to be revealed in court. In such situations, your best solution would be to hire a private.

Divorce is tough. It can take a toll on physically, mentally, and emotionally. When divorce is not mutual or there is a child involved, the situation can get murky. Your partner might also hide assets from you or may have had a secret affair for years that needs to be revealed in court. In such situations, your best solution would be to hire a private investigation agency in Pune we are committed to helping our clients get all the information necessary that will hasten his/her divorce process. We offer the following services:

Undercover Investigation: If you doubt that your partner has been keeping secrets, you can employ one of our private detectives to follow his/her every move. Our detectives are experts in carrying out discreet undercover operations. We have high-end tech devices to capture every move of your partner. You just have to give us his/her name, address, phone number, and a rough idea of the daily routine so that we can chalk out a plan accordingly. From our investigation, we will give you audio recordings, video footage, and pictures that will be permissible in court.

Finding Hidden Assets: Divorce means equal sharing of assets and if not sharing, the alimony is sometimes based on the consideration of how many assets and bank balance one owns. This is done so that after divorce, both the partners have enough to live their life. But, if your partner is hiding important assets or has several offshore accounts that you are unaware of, you will be missing out on a huge settlement. This is where we, the best private detective agency in Pune, can help. We have the resources and the means to uncover hidden assets.

Help In Child Custody: If you have a child involved and for some reason think that the child should not go to your partner because he/she might be incompetent or the in-laws might be violent, reach out to us. We will get you the proof that you need to gain full custody of your child.

So, after you have found a divorce attorney near me, leverage our expertise so that your attorney has all the documents and proof to speed up your divorce.


Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are pretty impressive. They allow you to stay connected with your friends and family across the globe. It gives you a platform to share pictures, videos, and practically everything regarding your life. However, there is a dark side to social networking sites. These sites connect users to…

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are pretty impressive. They allow you to stay connected with your friends and family across the globe. It gives you a platform to share pictures, videos, and practically everything regarding your life. However, there is a dark side to social networking sites. These sites connect users to several Internet security risks. 

Social media networking sites are a haven for hackers. They steal passwords, create fake profiles, and steal identities. You must be aware of fake tweets sent out by people pretending to be celebrities. But, unfortunately, celebrities are not the only ones affected by this. Hackers can create a fake profile with your information and also steal pictures from your profile. Just last year, Facebook reported data breaches with 6 million of its users. Also, 8 million LinkedIn passwords were stolen and 250,000 information of Twitter user’s information was hacked. 

All of this puts you at risk. Your personal information is out there and it is not safe. First, you have to be careful about clicking on any link sent to you from unknown sources as that might have a bug. Second, you need to implement all the security measures that the networking site has in place. Third, do not randomly add or connect with people you do not personally know. Fourth, be careful when it comes to sharing details about your daily life. Fifth, create a password that is a combination of random numbers, words and symbols so that it becomes difficult for the hacker to easily get your information. 

However, hackers are super smart and there might be instances where they invade all security measures to steal your online identity. If such things happen, reach out to Analytical Agencies  We are one of the leading detective agencies in Pune and have a team of ethical hackers and cybercrime specialists who will help get your identity back. We will nab whoever is behind it and protect your online personal information. 

For more information regarding our cybercrime investigation services, connect with us. 


Did you know that as per the latest crime data, Bangalore is the 3rd most unsafe metro city in the country? Bangalore comes only after Delhi and Mumbai. The NRCB (National Crime Records Bureau) ranks 4th in robberies, 3rd in murders, dowry, kidnapping, rioting, and dowry deaths, 2nd in thefts, and 1st in dowry cases and atrocities. With such staggering…

With such staggering details, it can be only said that you have to protect yourself and properly know the people that you are hanging out with. If you have any doubts regarding your colleague, next-door neighbor, or tenant, you can reach out to Analytical Agencies. We are the best detective agency in Pune and specialize in carrying out thorough background checks. Our services are provided discreetly, which means that the subject will never come to know that he/she has been put under surveillance or spied on. We have advanced tech equipment that allows us to capture images and videos from a distance. Furthermore, we maintain a wide network of trusted people who help us in gathering phone records and other details.

Our background checks are useful for finding out about your potential husband/wife and in-laws. You can save yourself from being one of the victims of dowry and dowry deaths by availing of our detective services in Pune. We will gather all the details and information necessary so that you can enter into holy matrimony knowing that you are safe. Moreover, if you have doubts have your partner is cheating on you and having an extra-marital affair, which is also common in Bangalore, we can help you with that. Our team will gather all the evidence that you need to file for divorce or break-up with your partner.

So, if you even have an ounce of doubt about your spouse, colleague, room-mate, or any of your acquaintances in Bangalore, talk to our private investigator in Pune. We will understand your problem and provide you with a personalized solution. You have to give us a few days to gather everything in detail.


So, your spouse is acting weird? Is he/she hiding things from you? Getting irritated when you are asking questions about his/her whereabouts? Is there suddenly a new password protecting their phone and other devices? Is your partner spending too much time on the way he/she looks? Refuses to answer your call when out and returns late? Don’t…

Don’t take these signs lightly. The moment you notice that your spouse is acting differently around you, reach out to  Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd. We are a leading marriage detective agency in Pune with years of experience in conducting extramarital affair investigation.

No, we are not saying that the above-mentioned signs can only point towards an affair. It might be that he/she is working out to revive the spark in the marriage and doing it to impress you. Also, late nights and not answering calls might be that he/she is genuinely stressed at work or is planning a surprise for you.

But, until you know for sure, how can you sleep at night? Can you really carry on your daily chores while constantly wondering if your wife/husband is cheating on you and having an affair behind your work? You will only hamper your professional life and health.

We all know that thanks to this day and age of the Internet, there is no dearth of hookups and dating apps that your spouse could be using. Also, an extramarital affair might not always mean that your partner is sexually involved with another person. Extramarital affairs can be emotional and even financial. He/she might be exchanging texts with another person constantly and unless you nip it in the bud, it might blossom into something in the future. Or your partner might be secretly emptying the joint account that you both have to help out his/her new paramour.

You deserve to know for sure what your partner is up to and as a marriage investigation agency, we can help you. Connect with us and leave the rest to our detectives. We will get you solid evidence that either proves his/her innocence or guilt.


If you want to protect your company from potential risks, carrying out a background check is an imperative pre-employment screening step before you make a hiring decision. In most cases, employers simply assume that the potential candidates are telling the truth. Even though applicants are honest most of the times, there might a few areas where they…

Even though applicants are honest most of the time, there might a few areas where they are hiding the truth from potential employers. To make sure that you are hiring the right person, you need to engage Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd, the best detective agency in Pune.

The following things can be revealed through a pre-employment verification.

Highlights criminal history

With pre-employment verification, companies are able to flag any criminal history of the applicant. By gaining knowledge of the applicant’s criminal history, you can make an informed decision. Sometimes, criminal history might suggest very minor charges, but it is always good to know.

Ensures workplace safety

Even though less, but there are chances that you might be conducting interviews with applicants that are dangerous. From violent criminals to sex offenders, you simply can’t take the risk of hiring them. By running a thorough background check, you can make sure that workplace safety is not compromised and you are only adding such people to the team who are responsible and have a clean background.

Assured job competence

As an employer, it is crucial for you to verify the claims made by the applicants. Whether it is the applicant’s educational qualification or job history, background verification is one of the most reliable ways to ensure that the screening process is a success. Without the support of a detective agency like a detective, you cannot be sure of the decision that you have made.

At the end of the day, you want your company to thrive and that will only be possible if you have a strong, reliable team. As an experienced private investigation agency in Pune, we can assist you with the verification process. Our services are personalized, affordable and we are very discreet. Reach out to us, today!


Burgeoning cases of piling loan frauds and non-performing assets (NPAs) have put banks in India under a lot of pressure. Cases of loan frauds have come into prominence in the wake of massive defaults like those by Vijay Mallya, the owner of Kingfisher, and Nirav Modi, the diamond merchant. To avoid such circumstances, banks are turning to private detectives…

banks are turning to private detective agencies like, Analytical Agencies  By hiring professional detectives for conducting undercover operations, the banks can unearth secret or hidden information against defaulters who have cheated them out of crores of rupees before disappearing into thin air.


Many banks are seeking the help of professional detectives to closely work with their asset recovery divisions. At  Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd., we have a team of private detectives who are not just trained in locating absconding or missing assets but can also ascertain the current occupation and income streams of the defaulters. As a detective agency, we have our own network and resources that help us find valuable information for the banks.


If the banks choose to work with us and have one of our private investigators on their team from the very start, banks can prevent the entire case of loan defaulters. We can nip it in the bud by conducting background checks and finding out if the person applying for a loan will be apple to pay back or not. Our detectives will also find all the hidden assets that have been kept from the bank and make the entire process easy.

Analytical Agencies’ detectives snoop around discreetly without letting the public or the concerned person have any whiff about it. Confidentiality is key to the way we function and we make sure to remain undercover at all times. Our agency is based out of Pune and we have recently opened our doors in Pune as well.


Purchasing a business involves a number of twists and turns. Unless you want a nasty surprise, Adroit Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd. suggests that you complete due diligence. Our team of experienced detectives in pune will carry out the diligence process on your behalf. After all, you wouldn’t want to know of a critical problem regarding the…

What is due diligence?

To put it simply, due diligence is the process of analyzing a business from every possible aspect before making a decision. This process is particularly important in checking the legal history of the business that you are planning to buy.

However, do not confuse due diligence with the general investigation. It runs deep to uncover hidden financial matters and potential liabilities. This way you can be sure that you are making the right decision.

What aspects does due diligence cover?

The subjects involved in the process of due diligence often changes based on the situation, but when you hire our private investigators, you will generally get to know the following:

# General information of the company: We will provide you all the general information about the company that you are planning to purchase. From the history of the business to its succeeding plans, short and long-term goals to the company’s mission statement, you will have all the information you need.

# Company management and staff: Our private detectives will carry out a thorough investigation to find out information regarding the people who are in charge of the company, their credentials, the experience that they have and also about the employees who work there. From the top executives to the employees, we will conduct background checks so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

# Company’s legal structure: We will also go through the legal matters that the company is associated with and make sure that all the documentation is in order.

For more in-depth information regarding our due diligence service, contact  Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd. Our detectives will help you make the right choice.


So, you have taken a loan, but unable to pay it back? This is where debt settlement comes in. Settling debt means that the creditor has agreed to accept a lesser amount than what you owe as full payment. The downside to this is that you will have to be ready to pay a lump sum amount at one go. But, on the bright side, you will not be hounded by…

debt collectors for the money that you owe and won’t be sued by the creditor over the debt. When it comes to settling a debt, reach out to the professionals at Analytical Agencies. We are not only one of the best detective agencies in Pune, but also well-known for our negotiation and settlement skills.

Here’s a lowdown of how debt settlement actually works. Take a look.

Debt settlement comes into play when you have skipped or have many late payments: When you have several late or skipped payments, you can consider settling your debt once and for all. By this time, your credit score must have been completely shredded and you might not be able to sustain paying the debt with your income. However, you have to remember that debt settlement is not an option if the creditor knows that you have some means of paying back the debt in full.

We negotiate on your behalf to reduce what you owe: As your debt negotiator, we will negotiate with the creditors on your behalf. We will make every effort to ensure that your creditors decrease the amount that you owe. Mostly, this is done on unsecured loans like personal loans and credit cards. Debt settlement is not an option for loans, such as car or house loans where creditors have mortgages that they can repossess or foreclose on.

Open a savings account and start saving: When you are sure that your income will not allow you to pay the loan in full, you need to stop making the payments and instead, open a savings account and put the monthly payments there. Once you have a lump sum amount, we will negotiate with the creditor to accept a lower amount.

Contact  Analytical Agencies . for more information on how we can help you. 


When people think about domestic violence, they generally think in terms of physical assault that leads to visible injuries to the victim. However, this is only one type of abuse. There are various categories of abusive behavior and each one has its own consequences. Yes, physical abuse may put the victim at a much higher risk, but the long-term destruction caused by other types of abuse cannot be minimized.

The private detectives at  detective agency in Pune Analytical Agencies have outlined the different types of domestic violence below so that you can identify and take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Different types of abuse

Control: Control the way you behave is a way for your abuser to maintain dominance over you. The abusers believe that they are justified in controlling the behavior of the victim. This type of abuse is often subtle, and pervasive. Some of the signs might include your partner monitoring your phone calls and the use of other devices, coming home or calling unexpectedly to check up on you, invading your privacy, and so on.

Sexual abuse: When one partner uses sex to exploit or forces sex, it results in sexual abuse. You have to remember that having consented to sexual activity in the past does not mean current consent. Even if the abuser forces sexual activity on a sleeping or inebriated person it results in sexual abuse.

Verbal abuse: Yes, abuse is not always physical. If your partner constantly threatens, blames, and coerces you, it means that you are being verbally abused.

Economic abuse: If the abuser is controlling the family income and not allowing the victim to make independent choices, it means economic abuse. This might also include the abuser hiding financial documents and other such information.

Other types of domestic violence include emotional abuse, intimidation, physical abuse, isolation, and so on. If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the different types of domestic violence, reach out to us. Also, if you need help getting out of such situations, our detective agency in Pune can help you stop being the victim

Are you dating someone who averts answering personal questions about his life or background? Considering marrying someone who you put on Tinder or other such dating apps? If so, you need to think of putting him/her under surveillance and detective agency n Pune Analytical Agencies.

We understand that life in Pune is extremely fast and being the IT hub of the country, people here are more inclined to make friends on the Internet through various social media platforms and dating apps. Also, you might be in love with your colleague who has come from a different part of the country, but you know nothing about his/her family, schooling, or even friends before Pune happened. All this mystery might be intriguing when you are dating and it might seem interesting to uncover the mystery, but it is not a joke if you are thinking of tying the knot. When it comes to marriage, you must know everything about your partner, or else, you will be in for a nasty surprise.

Being the best private detective agency in Pune, we have the resources, equipment, and experience to put someone under surveillance and we will need certain information from you like:

# What is his/her name?

# What is his/her address?

# Phone number

# Daily routine

# Picture of the subject

If you can give us any additional details, it will definitely be helpful for us. Our detectives will be following his/her every move and unearth intimate details, such as background, schooling, friends, family members, occupation of the family, behavior, past girlfriends, and things like that.

Thanks to our wide network and experience, we might even be able to get you to call details, social media details, and other details. Yes, your partner won’t be a mystery for you to solve anymore, but at least you know that you are safe in his/her company. Also, we are extremely discreet when conducting surveillance. Your partner will never find out about any of this. So, get in touch to talk to our private investigator in Pune


Pune is the industrial and urban hub of India and hopes for thousands of people who come to fulfill their career aspirations. People from all over the country and even different parts of the world leave their hometown to settle down in Pune and earn their bread and butter. 

Some come to this city as fresher looking for a break while there are others who have high hopes and dreams. In no time, some of them become successful startup owners and others get a cushy job and a lavish lifestyle.

However, being the best private detective agency in Pune,  detective Analytical Agencies has noticed that life isn’t as it seems in Pune. Life in this city is fast-paced and extremely stressful. A lot of people break under this high pressure environment and lose their way. Cheating on their partner or having a steady extramarital affair is the story of the day in this city. The number of adultery cases reported in Pune is on the rise and this is why you should consider an adultery investigation. Our personal detective in Pune will help you completely.

Below given are some of the signs that point towards your spouse having an extramarital affair:

# He/she works overtime throughout the week and sometimes over the weekends

# Too many business trips

# Starts to hide his/her phone and bank account histories

# Lack of sexual interest in you

# He/she gets excessively aggressive when questioned regarding whereabouts

# Buying you expensive gifts

# Prefer to hang out along with friends

# Takes a lot of time dressing up when going to work

# Has started working out

These are some of the telltales of a person having an extramarital affair. If you suspect your partner, you can hire a detective agency in Pune like Detective Analytical Agencies and we will help you find evidence regarding your fears. We will find hotel bills, photographs, travel records, and such other details that will prove to you the infidelity of your partner. Our team is adept at recording evidence carefully and we are extremely discreet in the way we function. Your partner will not know that he/she is being watched every step of the way. The evidence that we provide can even be used in court for divorce cases.

So, give us a call and save yourself from a lifetime of sadness.


Pre-matrimonial investigations are all the rage in India thanks to online matrimonial websites and dating apps. Obviously, nobody would enjoy getting duped by their future husband or wife. As one of the trusted pre matrimonial investigation agencies.


Yes, it is legal. We are simply running a background check and verifying facts before marriage so that there are no regrets later on. Previously, such background checks were done by relatives, colleagues, friends, and neighbors as marriages would generally take place with people within the community or relatives’ recommendation. But, in today’s digital age, marriage alliances can happen anywhere in the world. This makes it difficult to conduct a friendly background check and that is where we step in to help.


During the course of the investigation, our pre matrimonial investigation agency in Pune puts the subject under surveillance for a few days. We record all the activities of the subject and are able to deduce the habits, character, and temperament of the subject. We also check all the information provided by the subject to ascertain whether they are all true. From education to jobs, past affairs to addictions, our investigation will reveal everything that you need to know.


Marriage is an extremely sensitive matter. If the investigation is conducted by a non-professional, the chances of it being compromised are extremely high. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your future in-laws and husband/wife to know that you had them investigated. With a renowned pre matrimonial investigation agency in Pune like Detective Analytical Agencies, you can be assured of full discretion and 100% genuine investigation results.


We, at Detective Analytical Agencies, understand the necessity of this investigation and we do our bit with a lot of compassion. We never overcharge and our fees are extremely affordable and competitive. You can talk to us to get a breakup of our fee structure.

Do you want more information? Get in touch.

Pune, formerly known as Poona is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, the center of the high-tech industry. Thanks to its technology boost, the population grew over 10 million and no, the majority are not authentic Bangaloreans. 

The lifestyle of Pune is extremely fast and if people are not working or attending university, they are partying. The city has a rich nightlife and this provides ample opportunities for people to meet each other. The working hours in the city can sometimes go beyond 9 hours and senior executives get the chance to fly around the world attending business needs. There is also a majority of industries that run different processes, day and morning shifts, and so on.

When life is so hectic and human needs go unfulfilled, it gives rise to affairs. Affairs in Bangalore are not gendered biased. Both men and women engage in flings and have secret affairs, irrespective of whether they are married or not. The work culture of this city allows ample space for a third person to enter into the relationship.

For instance, husband/boyfriend working in day shift and wife/girlfriend in night shift. They hardly meet each other and all their conversations are restricted to emails, texts, and phone calls. They might meet each other over the weekends if one of them or both of them do not have a rotational week off or an emergency meeting. All of this together leaves very little room for their love to blossom and their bodily needs take them over. Meeting so many people at work and hanging out with them at bars and pubs leads to either the woman or the man developing feelings for the opposite sex and thus, the saga of secret affairs begins. The 5-day working week is dedicated to the secret affair and the weekends are reserved for the ‘official’ partner.

Even ‘business trips’ is often used as a code word for secret sexual encounters.

Your partner can have a scene with the boss, a colleague, a friend from her/his hometown, a Tinder date, and the possibilities are simply limitless. Also, Bangalore being home to so many ex-pats gives people the urge to expand their horizons and be with people from various communities and cultures.

Do you think your husband prefers working late than spending time with you? Is your girlfriend avoiding your calls, but says she loves you? Is your stay-at-home wife spending too much time in front of the mirror lately and when you are away at work, nobody answers the landline? Is your boyfriend buying you too many gifts and that is odd?

The moment you notice a change of behavior in your partner, you can solicit Detective Analytical Agencies. private detective services. We are a private detective agency in Bangalore and have experience in dealing with extramarital affairs or flings. We carry out investigations discreetly and will bring you a concrete proof so that you can decide what’s best for yourself.