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Over the last 10 years, detective agencies have studied that cybercrimes reported an annual increase of 40%. So, despite your best efforts, the chances of being a victim of cybercrime are quite high. Due to the increasingly digital lives that people are living in today, the bad guys are always finding new ways to make use of online technologies to harass, steal, and commit a myriad of crimes. At  Analytical Agencies Pvt. Ltd., we believe that the first step to preventing a crime from happening is gaining knowledge about the different forms of cybercrimes that include:

  • Online identity theft
  • Stalking
  • Financial fraud
  • Hacking
  • Bullying
  • Information piracy and forgery
  • Email spoofing
  • Intellectual property crime and so on

Cybercrimes can wreak havoc in the lives of victims through major annoyance and inconvenience. It can lead to financial losses, as well as, threaten an individual’s personal safety and reputation. If you ever feel threatened or think that you are a victim of cybercrime, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are a Kolkata-based private detective agency and offer result-based, confidential cybercrime investigation services. Our team consists of private investigators with years of field experience, as well as, impeccable knowledge about how the Internet works. 

Here are some immediate steps, compiled by our team, which you must take when you feel like a victim of cybercrime:

  • Confess about what is going on to a trusted adult and do not try to handle things on your own because we have seen time and again how that goes downhill
  • Save any related texts, emails, or messages related to the incident
  • Block the individual on social networks and emails
  • Keep a record of the incidents
  • Do not escalate the situation and immediately report the matter to us

Cybercrimes can happen to anyone and at any time because lives have become intertwined with digital technologies. However, as one of the leading detective agencies in Pune, we can help you overcome such hurdles and stay safe.