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Pune, formerly known as Poona is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, the center of the high-tech industry. Thanks to its technology boost, the population grew over 10 million and no, the majority are not authentic Bangaloreans. Since this is an industry hub, there are people who come to work and study here from across the country. Even ex-pats live here and call this thriving city their home.

The lifestyle of Pune is extremely fast and if people are not working or attending university, they are partying. The city has a rich nightlife and this provides ample opportunities for people to meet each other. The working hours in the city can sometimes go beyond 9 hours and senior executives get the chance to fly around the world attending business needs. There is also a majority of industries that run different processes, day and morning shifts, and so on.

When life is so hectic and human needs go unfulfilled, it gives rise to affairs. Affairs in Bangalore are not gendered biased. Both men and women engage in flings and have secret affairs, irrespective of whether they are married or not. The work culture of this city allows ample space for a third person to enter into the relationship.

For instance, husband/boyfriend working in day shift and wife/girlfriend in night shift. They hardly meet each other and all their conversations are restricted to emails, texts, and phone calls. They might meet each other over the weekends if one of them or both of them do not have a rotational week off or an emergency meeting. All of this together leaves very little room for their love to blossom and their bodily needs take them over. Meeting so many people at work and hanging out with them at bars and pubs leads to either the woman or the man developing feelings for the opposite sex and thus, the saga of secret affairs begins. The 5-day working week is dedicated to the secret affair and the weekends are reserved for the ‘official’ partner.

Even ‘business trips’ is often used as a code word for secret sexual encounters.

Your partner can have a scene with the boss, a colleague, a friend from her/his hometown, a Tinder date, and the possibilities are simply limitless. Also, Bangalore being home to so many ex-pats gives people the urge to expand their horizons and be with people from various communities and cultures.

Do you think your husband prefers working late than spending time with you? Is your girlfriend avoiding your calls, but says she loves you? Is your stay-at-home wife spending too much time in front of the mirror lately and when you are away at work, nobody answers the landline? Is your boyfriend buying you too many gifts and that is odd?

The moment you notice a change of behavior in your partner, you can solicit Detective Analytical Agencies. private detective services. We are a private detective agency in Bangalore and have experience in dealing with extramarital affairs or flings. We carry out investigations discreetly and will bring you a concrete proof so that you can decide what’s best for yourself.