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Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are pretty impressive. They allow you to stay connected with your friends and family across the globe. It gives you a platform to share pictures, videos, and practically everything regarding your life. However, there is a dark side to social networking sites. These sites connect users to several Internet security risks. 

Social media networking sites are a haven for hackers. They steal passwords, create fake profiles, and steal identities. You must be aware of fake tweets sent out by people pretending to be celebrities. But, unfortunately, celebrities are not the only ones affected by this. Hackers can create a fake profile with your information and also steal pictures from your profile. Just last year, Facebook reported data breaches with 6 million of its users. Also, 8 million LinkedIn passwords were stolen and 250,000 information of Twitter user’s information was hacked. 

All of this puts you at risk. Your personal information is out there and it is not safe. First, you have to be careful about clicking on any link sent to you from unknown sources as that might have a bug. Second, you need to implement all the security measures that the networking site has in place. Third, do not randomly add or connect with people you do not personally know. Fourth, be careful when it comes to sharing details about your daily life. Fifth, create a password that is a combination of random numbers, words and symbols so that it becomes difficult for the hacker to easily get your information. 

However, hackers are super smart and there might be instances where they invade all security measures to steal your online identity. If such things happen, reach out to Analytical Agencies  We are one of the leading detective agencies in Pune and have a team of ethical hackers and cybercrime specialists who will help get your identity back. We will nab whoever is behind it and protect your online personal information. 

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