Detective Agency In Pune



Divorce is tough. It can take a toll on physically, mentally, and emotionally. When divorce is not mutual or there is a child involved, the situation can get murky. Your partner might also hide assets from you or may have had a secret affair for years that needs to be revealed in court. In such situations, your best solution would be to hire a private investigation agency in Pune we are committed to helping our clients get all the information necessary that will hasten his/her divorce process. We offer the following services:

Undercover Investigation: If you doubt that your partner has been keeping secrets, you can employ one of our private detectives to follow his/her every move. Our detectives are experts in carrying out discreet undercover operations. We have high-end tech devices to capture every move of your partner. You just have to give us his/her name, address, phone number, and a rough idea of the daily routine so that we can chalk out a plan accordingly. From our investigation, we will give you audio recordings, video footage, and pictures that will be permissible in court.

Finding Hidden Assets: Divorce means equal sharing of assets and if not sharing, the alimony is sometimes based on the consideration of how many assets and bank balance one owns. This is done so that after divorce, both the partners have enough to live their life. But, if your partner is hiding important assets or has several offshore accounts that you are unaware of, you will be missing out on a huge settlement. This is where we, the best private detective agency in Pune, can help. We have the resources and the means to uncover hidden assets.

Help In Child Custody: If you have a child involved and for some reason think that the child should not go to your partner because he/she might be incompetent or the in-laws might be violent, reach out to us. We will get you the proof that you need to gain full custody of your child.

So, after you have found a divorce attorney near me, leverage our expertise so that your attorney has all the documents and proof to speed up your divorce.